August Featured Speaker

“What’s on the Ballot? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”
Presented by April Smith

April is the Field Director for The Arizona Free Enterprise Club. She worked in the medical field for years and then a few years in the banking industry. April took an interest in the political arena earlier in life and started working the elections. She has been actively involved and volunteering in several capacities where needed. She enjoys going out and meeting new people and bringing awareness of vital information. April is a precinct committeeman in LD 15 in East Mesa. She loves reaching out to others and being a source of information and enjoys empowering others to do the same. 
April and her husband, Shawn, are Arizona natives and live in East Mesa with their 8 children. April enjoys spending time with her family playing games, going on road trips, playing at the beach, or camping.  Life is never a dull moment. She encourages her children to take part in preserving their freedom and has often included them in political activities. She knows that young people that are taught how to think and learn will be strong assets for the future.
April will talk about how to get our voices heard by our elected officials at the Capitol! There is power with grassroots and collectively, we can have a bigger impact! Come ready to learn and then go and do!