“Kegger” Presidential Straw Poll Results


Here are the results of the Presidential Straw Poll that was taken Friday evening, July 28 at the Lee Cornelison Kegger.  A total of 89 ballots were received.  The results are shown in two ways: (1) Total # of points for each candidate based on the ranked choices, and (2) Ranking the candidates on each person’s #1 choice only:

Ranked Choice Points

Donald Trump                        270
Ron DeSantis                        252
Vivek Ramaswamy               185
Tim Scott                               177
Nikki Haley                            157
Mike Pence                             70
Chris Christie                          29
                      Tom Cotton                               8 (Undeclared)
Lee Elder                                  6
Asa Hutchinson                        5
Doug Burgum                           4
                      Mike Pompeo                           2 (Undeclared)
                             Bill Entwistle                             2 (QCRC Member)
Francis Suarez                           1
First Choice Only
Donald Trump                         37
Ron DeSantis                         27
Vivek Ramaswamy                  7
Nikki Haley                              6
Tim Scott                                 5
Mike Pence                             3
Chris Christie                          2
Lee Elder                                1
Asa Hutchinson                      1
Total                                      89