May Featured Speaker


  “The Arizona Republican Party:
Where We are At and Where We Need to Go”

Chris DeSimone is the radio host and co-founder of Wake Up, Tucson.  Wake Up, Tucson started on April 1st, 2009.  Chris started it with his good friend Joe Higgins with Golden Mike Award Winner Ed Alexander taking over the producer’s role.  The show has built a growing, loyal following that not only supports the show, but its valuable sponsors.

The show has been a stalwart supporter of the small business owner and the average taxpayer.  Wake Up, Tucson has earned the reputation for being fearless when questioning decisions by local leaders and the ability to expose backroom deals and crony relationships that are harmful to the region.  We like to say that it’s the show that “8 out of 10 elected officials don’t want you to listen to”.