Next meeting Friday April 12th

The Quail Creek Republican Club April Meeting is Friday, April 12, 900 a.m. in the Ocotillo Room of the Quail Creek Kino Conference Center. The Featured Speaker is Art Del Cueto, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council

Art joined the Border US Patrol in 2003. Prior to joining the patrol, Art worked for a high custody level prison for the state of Arizona.

Art grew up in Douglas, Arizona, a city along the US/ Mexico border. He will tell you that the border was different and safer when he was a kid. Art learned early of the challenges border communities face. He has seen firsthand the growing dangers of international drug cartels. Today the violence and fear of the cartel is threatening to tear the social and familiar fabric that has bound Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora together for generations.

In 2012, Art was elected President of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 by the membership. Local 2544 is the largest local in the NBPC with over 4500 members. Art was elected Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council in 2013. He is one the most knowledgeable people on the Arizona border politics, history and the cultural connections shared between sister cities separated by a border.

You will recognize Officer Del Cueto from his many appearances on Fox News and with President Trump. You can listen to Art’s podcast—The Green Line—at