Featured Speaker:
Shelley Kais
Pima County Republican Party Chairman
Inside Arizona Politics
 The campaign season is heating up and the candidates are moving forward. Shelley will give us a first peek at the process that will lead us to our August 2022 election. From party politics to candidates to elected officials, all questions are on the table. What’s the strategy to win in 2022 and 2024 and take back the House/Senate and the White House? Who is working on the ground in Arizona to make it happen? When will the candidates come and speak at Quail Creek? Bring your questions. Come and talk politics freely and openly!

Shelley Kais is the current chairman of the Pima County Republican Party.  Shelley has been actively working with the Pima County Republican Party since meeting with former Chairman Carolyn Cox almost a decade ago. That’s when she jumped in using her business acumen and organizational skills to create a plan to move the party forward. Since then Shelley has worked with numerous campaigns as well as run for office herself on the State and Federal level. Currently, Shelley is a Governing Board Member on the Continental Elementary School District #39.