“Kegger” Presidential Straw Poll Results


Here are the results of the Presidential Straw Poll that was taken Friday evening, July 28 at the Lee Cornelison Kegger.  A total of 89 ballots were received.  The results are shown in two ways: (1) Total # of points for each candidate based on the ranked choices, and (2) Ranking the candidates on each person’s #1 choice only:

Ranked Choice Points

Donald Trump                        270
Ron DeSantis                        252
Vivek Ramaswamy               185
Tim Scott                               177
Nikki Haley                            157
Mike Pence                             70
Chris Christie                          29
                      Tom Cotton                               8 (Undeclared)
Lee Elder                                  6
Asa Hutchinson                        5
Doug Burgum                           4
                      Mike Pompeo                           2 (Undeclared)
                             Bill Entwistle                             2 (QCRC Member)
Francis Suarez                           1
First Choice Only
Donald Trump                         37
Ron DeSantis                         27
Vivek Ramaswamy                  7
Nikki Haley                              6
Tim Scott                                 5
Mike Pence                             3
Chris Christie                          2
Lee Elder                                1
Asa Hutchinson                      1
Total                                      89

June Featured Speakers

“Arizona Corporation Commission”
With guest speakers: Arizona Corporation Commissioners
Nick Myers and Kevin Thompson

The Arizona Corporation Commission’s mission is to ensure safe, reliable, and affordable utility services; have railroad and pipeline systems that are operated and maintained in a safe manner; grow Arizona’s economy as we help local entrepreneurs achieve their dream of starting a business; modernize an efficient, effective, and responsive government agency; and protect Arizona citizens by enforcing an ethical securities marketplace.

Please note that the Town of Sahuarita and Union Pacific Railroad have a hearing  scheduled with the ACC to get final approval on the changes to the Union Pacific’s traffic light proposal at the entrance to Quail Creek on August 7. This is based on the town and UPRR having executed the Construction and Maintenance Agreement.  The agreement allows UPRR to begin the design of their improvements and start ordering materials/equipment.  It’s thought to be a formality but an opportunity to make them aware of the importance of the improvement and see if there is anything they can do to push UPRR to move as quickly as possible.  The estimate for completion is eight months.


Nick spent almost 20 years in the software engineering industry. He then branched out into small business where he and his family started and sold several businesses. Nick’s involvement with the commission started when he had a major dispute with a utility. This led to Nick being a community advocate in a multi-year process that was very successful. Following that, he became a Policy Advisor for Commissioner Justin Olson until being elected as a Commissioner himself. Nick ran a campaign on wanting to bring back regulatory stability, keeping rates low, and keeping our utilities resilient and reliable.

Nick, his wife and three children live in Pinal County. Nick appreciates the faith the residents of Arizona have placed in him in electing the first ever Commissioner from Pinal County, and looks forward to serving all Arizonans.


Kevin Thompson has over 25 years of utility and regulatory experience, including serving as a twice-elected Councilman for the City of Mesa. Kevin is a combat veteran of the United States Air Force, serving in Operation Desert Storm. He is a small business owner that focuses on helping clients grow and expand their businesses and bring economic development to Arizona. Kevin was a cofounder of the Mesa Veterans Resource Center, an East Valley resource for veterans that includes help with employment access, resume building, VA healthcare and benefits training, and mental health counseling. Kevin was the Manager, New Business Development for Southwest Gas for over 12 years, responsible for all new business engineering including the sale, design, and installation of billions of dollars of natural gas pipelines for residential, multi-family, retail, and commercial development.

Kevin and his wife, Donna, have been married for over 33 years and have two children.

May Featured Speaker


  “The Arizona Republican Party:
Where We are At and Where We Need to Go”

Chris DeSimone is the radio host and co-founder of Wake Up, Tucson.  Wake Up, Tucson started on April 1st, 2009.  Chris started it with his good friend Joe Higgins with Golden Mike Award Winner Ed Alexander taking over the producer’s role.  The show has built a growing, loyal following that not only supports the show, but its valuable sponsors.

The show has been a stalwart supporter of the small business owner and the average taxpayer.  Wake Up, Tucson has earned the reputation for being fearless when questioning decisions by local leaders and the ability to expose backroom deals and crony relationships that are harmful to the region.  We like to say that it’s the show that “8 out of 10 elected officials don’t want you to listen to”.

April Featured Speaker

Juan Ciscomani

Congressman Juan Ciscomani represents Arizona’s 6th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. Juan and his family immigrated to the United States when he was a young boy. They established roots in Tucson, Arizona, where his father worked as a bus driver to give his children a shot at the American Dream. Growing up in a working-class family taught Juan the value of hard work and the importance of a can-do attitude. 

Juan attended public schools in Tucson, Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. He worked his way through school with maintenance and service jobs until becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. After college, Juan worked for the University of Arizona and the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce before joining Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s administration as Senior Advisor and Vice-Chair of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. Juan focused on the issues of international trade and diplomacy, border security, and economic development.

In November 2022, Juan was elected to represent Arizona’s new 6th congressional district, becoming the first naturalized American citizen from Mexico elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona history. Juan currently serves on the House Appropriations Committee and Veterans Affairs Committee. 

Juan resides in Tucson with his wife, Laura, and their 6 kids — Zoe, Juan David, Kenny, Lily, Lucas, and Gloria.

April Featured Speaker

Juan Ciscomani

In 2022, Juan was elected to represent Arizona’s new 6th congressional district, becoming the first naturalized American citizen from Mexico elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona history. Notably, he was selected to serve on the Appropriations Committee as a junior Congressman and he delivered the Republican Address to the Nation in Spanish.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Juan!

Capital Bus Tour – SOLD OUT

Get Ready, Arizona State Capitol
Quail Creek Republicans are Coming!

Join your fellow Quail Creek Republicans and board the bus for the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on Wednesday, March 15. Enjoy a FUN and educational day including:

February Featured Speaker

Guest Speaker (GUARANTEED!)

Art Del Cueto has been with Border Patrol since 2003. His first duty station was Casa Grande, Arizona, where he helped in the effort to establish a new substation at Three Points, Arizona. Throughout most of his career, Art patrolled on the Tohono O’odham reservation, assisting in numerous drug and smuggling cases. As a representative of the bargaining unit members, Art has responded to over 90% of all significant incidents within the Tucson Sector including shootings, accidents, and agent assaults. As an Agent who is fluent in Spanish, he routinely leads the questioning of apprehended subjects.

Art has served as the Vice President for the National Border Patrol Council. He also currently serves as President of Local 2544 in the Tucson, Arizona sector.

Prior to working for the United States Border Patrol, Art worked for a maximum security state prison in Tucson. Art is originally from Mexico, deriving his U.S. citizenship through his father, but grew up in Douglas, Arizona. Art has lived the majority of his life in Arizona.

Art is the national spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council. Art has had the ability to express the many concerns of the agents he represents as well as the issues with Border Security. Art has appeared on most major news shows on Fox News, CNN, Al Jazeera and HBO VICE. Art has also been on countless radio shows. In addition, Art is the host of his own show, The Green Line broadcast on KNST Tucson and available through IHeartRadio.

January Featured Speaker

Tom Murphy


Tom Murphy was elected to the Town Council in 2013. He and his family moved to Sahuarita in 2003 as their final stop, culminating 42 years of combined military service for him and his wife Lynn. Murphy is passionate about serving his community and public service. After retiring from the USAF in 1995, he earned his associate degree in Business from the University of Maryland. He then spent 14 years in service to his family. During this time, Murphy was actively involved in his daughters’ schools. He volunteered in classrooms, tutored disadvantaged children, and was active in the PTA. Soon after moving to Sahuarita, he was elected to the school board and has been serving on it since January 1995, with two terms as president.Tom believes that furthering the economic development of the town is the key to making the town a place where everyone will want to call home. He was elected to Mayor in 2016 and re-elected in 2022.

Tom will discuss the economic development of the Town of Sahuarita and provide updates on the traffic light at Quail Creek Crossing and Copper World Mine.  He will also install the QCRC 2023 Board of Directors. 

Volunteers Needed!

Need a Ride to the Polls??

Every Republican vote in Quail Creek is critically important. Our candidates are counting on 100% Republican voter turnout this year. If you vote by mail and haven’t voted yet, do not mail your ballot! You must take it to the polls next Tuesday. If you vote in person at the polls and need a ride, please call Rich Ulery, QCRC president, at 520-499-2157. We’ll make sure that we get you to the polling place at 7 S. Abrego in Green Valley.

Republican Volunteers are Still Needed 
Ensure Election Integrity!

If you can set aside three hours next week, you will be doing your part to help ensure election integrity in Pima County. We need you, and our candidates need you! The following shifts are available and in need of dedicated Republican volunteers:

Duplication of Ballots
November 10 – 8:00 –11:00 AM; 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
November 11 – 8:00 – 11:00 AM; 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM; 2:00 – 5:00 PM
November 14 – 8:00 – 11:00 AM; 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Early Ballot Processing
November 10 – 8:00 – 11:00 AM; 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
November 11 – 8:00 – 11:00 AM; 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Signature Verification
November 7 – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
November 8 – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM; 12:30 – 4:00 PM
November 9 – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM; 12:30 – 4:00 PM
November 10 – 12:30 – 4:00 PM
November 11 – 12:30 – 4:00 PM

If you can help at any of these times, please e-mail Christi Emery at chis2tuc2@aol.com, or call her at 520-777-3298.